Janette Toral

Social networking gives you a big picture glimpse

In Home on January 13, 2010 at 12:26 am

Whether it is offline or online, targeted social networking I believe can give you big picture glimpse. It allows you to observe how other people think, especially when tracking a particular issue, and even broaden your perspective as a result.

As a community owner of DigitalFilipino Club, I often faced with the situation where club members approach me for advise. Tried to organize this more regularly, while fostering social networking among members, through the informal consultation series happening this past 4 weeks.

As much as I was able to help, the knowledge gained in learning and understanding the need of my members was immeasurable. It also challenges me as I try to find a way how to be of help to those who joined the sessions in order to have a valuable take-away right after it.


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