Janette Toral

Invest in communities: Get more buy than sell in Empire Avenue

In Empire Avenue on September 14, 2011 at 2:38 am

I am happy to find Louie’s latest report on my Empire Avenue account where there are now more buys than sell. As I started using the site only last August 1. With hardly any active Filipinos in it, I realized that the only way to improve and gain momentum is through building relationships.

Glad that my Empire Avenue account has more buy than sell.

I started with the writing community. But when discussions doesn’t fit me, I began expanding my reach through other communities such as advertising and marketing, blogging, photography, social media, and travel. Also joined a user-owned tips and tutorials group.

When people respond to threads I am a part of, that is my cue to look at their profiles and invest in them. Communities play a big role in building relationships in Empire Avenue. Whether they would play something positive in real life, where connections can be really built will be just a matter of time.

We’ll see….

  1. […] Invest in communities. Don’t just buy from anyone. There are a lot of folks in Empire Avenue who are just after dividends. Go for players who are out there to build relationships such as those who spend time having quality conversation in communities. […]

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