Janette Toral

Skin care briefing session on Potion Ivi Collagen Drink

In Home on September 17, 2011 at 3:06 am

Listened to Dr. Raquel David who gave us a skin care briefing and an overview of Potion Ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink that Gretchen Barreto endorses.

Just realized that this is best taken in the morning with an empty stomach. Older people can take 2 sachets a day diluted or mixed with liquid like water, coffee, tea, or juice. You can get more tips about the product by tuning in to the Potion Ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink Facebook Fan page. The product can be purchased at any Watsons outlet. By October, Mercury Drug outlets will carry it too.

It can also be taken by both men and women. A male endorser is expected to be introduced soon.

I think what I like about the product is its transparency on what it is all about. Am currently taking it after finding out other benefits of collagen to one’s hair, bones, nails, among others. Taking Potion Ivi, I hope will result to neocollagenis or birth of new skin.

With wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, sun spots, among others becoming more evident on my end, I don’t think that skin care products applied will be enough.

At 5000 mg a day, although older ones take up to 10000 mg a day, the collagen drink can help improve skin elasticity. It can also benefit other parts of the body due to other active ingredients found inside the said product. Dr. David also reminded us that we need to help ourselves such as getting proper rest, eating right, avoiding pollutants, and put on sunblock whenever going out.

Here’s more information about the product as presented by Dr. Raquel David:


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