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Empire Avenue User Achievement Tracking is better than Klout

In Empire Avenue on September 22, 2011 at 8:50 pm

I began using Empire Avenue last August 1, 2011. Like many users, I plugged in my social networks to serve as an input to my network score. Later on realized that their advisors section serves an interesting stats tool to monitor improvements in one’s social networking activity.

While reading a discussion thread on Klout, I began reviewing my declining score. I noticed that I wasn’t sharing as much articles as I used to in Twitter but active in other platforms and getting responses too. And so how Klout computes partly confuses me. (is it heavily biased on Twitter activity?)

Klout Achievement

Noticed that my Klout Achievement has not update at all.

Then noticed that my Achievements section under Klout was hardly updating at all.

Facebook Likes tracking in Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue gives eaves as an incentive whenever achievements or milestones get attained.

However, in Empire Avenue, achievements were given to me that has a Klout parallel.

Twitter Retweets Tracking in Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue tracks Retweets and give eaves whenever milestones are attained.

So it seems Empire Avenue is doing a much more serious job on user tracking compared to Klout.

Empire Avenue is now looking at Google+ too but has limited it to beta access at this time. Although Klout is faster in encouraging users to add their Google+ profile in the system, I only hope their scores reporting will be much more efficient.

DigitalFilipino Klout Profile

DigitalFilipino Klout style is "pundit". Just authorized Klout to plug-in to my WordPress and Google+.

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