Janette Toral

CEO of Empire Avenue Writing Index

In Empire Avenue on September 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm

I have been one of the many Vice President in the Writing Index of Empire Avenue for quite sometime now. For the past 48 hours, I saw how 2 community members there became President for a day.

Janette Toral is CEO of Writing Index in Empire Avenue

Janette Toral got the CEO of Writing Index status in Empire Avenue as of September 26, 2011

I said last September 8 that I will play Empire Avenue till I reach the CEO level. That just happened now. Did not became CFO or President first, I just zoomed to CEO.

However, seeing how competitive the Writing Index is, I won’t be surprised if this won’t last for 24 hours too.

But for now, let me just celebrate in this post for reaching this milestone and say that my game objective is accomplished.

If I will summarize what I have done in Empire Avenue, here’s what I can give.

  1. Invest in communities.
    Don’t just buy from anyone. There are a lot of folks in Empire Avenue who are just after dividends. Go for players who are out there to build relationships such as those who spend time having quality conversation in communities.
  2. Sell lowest earning shares when eaves are needed.
    There will be times when you need to sell shares so you can buy new ones. I will usually visit my portfolio and sort them according to earnings. I view the lowest ones and start selling those in that part that have not reciprocated or put my shares at an equal match to what they were able to invest in me. At the end of the day, prioritize in keeping the relationship.
  1. Congrats, that is quite an accomplishment. You are right, it really is about the relationships.

  2. It’s fun to be there – I was pleased to see you there. But it can also leave you feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel. And it’s depressing to see folks who post 100 blog posts consisting of nothing but tumblr photo reshares rise to the top of the WRITING index, if you know what I mean – that was quite a demotivator for me, for a while. Lately, though, we’ve had more journalists and writers, and it’s been pretty hot and competitive. That’s kind of fun, actually.

  3. Hi Holly. I did not encounter that person you mentioned Tumblr-ing / reblogging a hundred post, that would be a big turn-off.

    I thought it was quite far out to rise to the top of the index. Now I’m trying to see if it is possible at all to have the highest share price there and how long will it take. 🙂

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