Janette Toral

What makes a great hotel?

In Home on September 26, 2011 at 10:29 pm

I am sure that each one of us has an answer to that. Having traveled and experience staying in hotels from simplest to expensive ones, I have a minimum standard of amenities desired in a hotel. It includes:

1. Wifi

I can’t stay in a hotel today that doesn’t have wifi. This must be accessible inside the rooms. I think gone are the days when this is a separate bill / charge. Nowadays, it is included as part of standard hotel service.

2. Breakfast

A good breakfast can help you last the whole day. Best if the hotel provides a reasonable offering to make it filling and nutritious too. When in the U.S. last month, I usually had one heavy meal (from the hotel) and light snack in a day. Oatmeals a must to aid your digestion.

3. Tipping appreciated but not expected

It is great to be in a hotel when there is no pressure to give a tip. I don’t mind giving one but I feel that this must be deserved rather than feel compelled to give so. It can be for a great service. Like housekeeping staff replenishing your toiletries. Adding some special touch in your room – like a special fold on bed covers that wasn’t there when you first checked in, among others.

4. Adjusting to your needs

I have been in contact with hotel personnel, oftentimes in banquet sales, for quite sometime now due to events I organize. It is great to meet people who are flexible and adjust to your requirements.

Sharing the above list makes me realize – what makes a great hotel is all about people that make these offerings an experience – oftentimes undermined.

This is a reflection I now have as I look at all the pictures in “Celebrating the Personal in Portraits – 35 Years of The Peninsula Manila“. They featured managers and employees working for the hotel as they share experiences, values cultivated, and ideals stand for.

I must admit when I was there last Wednesday, the importance of the photos did not immediately sinked in.

But after thinking about it, as I write this blog post, it gave me ideas that these kind of photo exhibits are a great celebration of the people working behind the organization. To make the public also appreciate what happens behind the scenes.

Although taking a step further, it would be great too if they featured loyal guest to show how much relationship they have built through the years.

“Celebrating the Personal in Portraits – 35 Years of The Peninsula Manila” is worth checking out if you are a regular visitor of the hotel. But even if you are not, I am sure the photos will give a lot of inspiration that you can also use in your business or organization. It will also make you look at the hotel staff differently – proudly working for The Peninsula Manila.


As early as now, I can visually see how these type of photographs can also be explored as a project in the DigitalFilipino Club. Soon!


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