Janette Toral

Investing in E-Commerce Technopreneurship

In Home on October 11, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I had the opportunity to give an e-commerce talk at Ka-Entrep forum and OrgCom 152 in UP Manila. In both occassions, the host gave me the option to choose a topic I can talk about. Decided to focus on e-commerce to support two activities am undertaking from now till next year.


The first one is the release of my 3rd e-commerce book. The 2nd is in preparation for my upcoming project, a virtual startup accelerator niching on e-commerce projects, to be carried out under the DigitalFilipino Club community.

The project was inspired after meeting 3 tech incubators and 3 entrepreneurs in the U.S. who shared insights on how I can go about it. This October 13 and 14, will attend TechVenture 2011 with the intent of learning more.

The reaction to my recent talks have also made me hopeful about the possible kind of entrepreneurs we will meet in this space, their way of thinking that reflects the mindset of current crop of Filipino Internet users. This ranges from thoughts on “naked” online user behavior to having a community-oriented entrepreneurial mindset.


E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs

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