Janette Toral

Need comments for your blog post?

In Empire Avenue on October 23, 2011 at 1:01 am

I made a shout-out earlier this morning in my social networks and Empire Avenue to help a fellow blogger receive comments in her blog post. Was happy to see the post got around 40 comments – mostly from my shareholders in Empire Avenue.

Mission letter to Shareholders to help Holly get blog comments.

I allotted a 500 eaves reward each to be given to 100 peers in Empire Avenue who are committing in fulfilling the mission – to leave a comment in Holly’s write-up about me. As of this writing, the rewards are already consumed. Am happy to see that around 40, out of 100, carried out the mission this time.

I only hope that Empire Avenue will allow some feedback system later on where you can tick, among those who completed the mission, as to which ones really did it. This way, those who claim a reward but don’t do the mission can be penalized and not be allowed to participate in future missions.

On another note, I think missions can only work well if what you are asking folks to do is easy to follow and has other possible benefit – more than just getting the Eaves and satisfying a personal agenda. This can include the possibility of winning in a contest or helping someone else.

I have seen other creative use of the mission feature that includes giving a +k in Klout. The usual ones will be liking a Facebook fan page, follow someone on Twitter, and related stuff.

  1. This is useful to me. Thanks!

  2. And they are still rolling in (a little more slowly, but you gave us a good boost last night, and maybe about the most fun I’ve had the whole week – talk about working on deadlines!) Thank you so much for your support, and for all you do for bloggers around the world, Janette.

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