Janette Toral

Recovering from 18-days slump at 168

In Empire Avenue on January 14, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Janette Toral Empire Avenue share price in past 30 days

Last December 27 (2011), my Empire Avenue share price reached 168.01. However, since then, my price dropped and went through a wild roller coaster ride. It was like an emotional whirlwind where one could just go with the flow or take an effort to correct it.

I decided to carry out some experiments to see if it can help in the process. After trial-and-error for 18 days, my share price is back at 168.12.

What worked for me is the LIFO (last in, first out) approach where those who recently purchase gets a priority buy-back. As I already maxed my 1000 portfolio, to accommodate new shareholders that met my minimum share desired, I had to let go of the following AS THE NEED ARISES only:

  • Those who did not invest back or sold shares.
  • Minimal share investment (below 10 shares, below 20 shares, below 30 shares)

Being active in giving “missions” also helps in discovering active players.

How about you? How do you recover from a major slump? Would like to know your experience and learn from it.

  1. Runs to check stats to see if Janette sold her off…

  2. Thank you for blogging about your share price problem as it will help me try to avoid that once I get up there. I have a way to go, but it never hurts to implement the stuff that works early.

  3. Investing in people who recently purchased is smart. When this happens it is also important to increase the activity only in the five major networks, which varies from player to player.

  4. I’ve found that by investing in those who invest in me, shareholders are much more forgiving of downturns in your share price (which happens to 99% of stock owners). I know that if a person has invested in me, the only way I’d sell off of their shares is if they have abandoned the game (over 3 weeks of no activity and they haven’t posted a message about work, illness or vacation).

    Not everyone has this philosophy. But I think by being loyal to your investors when they have downturns, most of them will not sell you off at the slightest change in the negative direction. It also helps if you give your dividend rate is a boost!

    Congratulations on your comeback!

  5. Janette, I nominated your Blog for a few awards, Please take a moment to visit my blog for the details. http://juststuffthatinterestsme.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/totally-unexpected-but-thank-you/

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