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Recovering from 18-days slump at 168

In Empire Avenue on January 14, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Janette Toral Empire Avenue share price in past 30 days

Last December 27 (2011), my Empire Avenue share price reached 168.01. However, since then, my price dropped and went through a wild roller coaster ride. It was like an emotional whirlwind where one could just go with the flow or take an effort to correct it.

I decided to carry out some experiments to see if it can help in the process. After trial-and-error for 18 days, my share price is back at 168.12.

What worked for me is the LIFO (last in, first out) approach where those who recently purchase gets a priority buy-back. As I already maxed my 1000 portfolio, to accommodate new shareholders that met my minimum share desired, I had to let go of the following AS THE NEED ARISES only:

  • Those who did not invest back or sold shares.
  • Minimal share investment (below 10 shares, below 20 shares, below 30 shares)

Being active in giving “missions” also helps in discovering active players.

How about you? How do you recover from a major slump? Would like to know your experience and learn from it.

User Advertising experiment via Empire Avenue

In Empire Avenue on November 5, 2011 at 8:51 am

One feature that I decided to test in Empire Avenue is its User Advertising feature. This allows any member to post an advertisement and use their eaves to pay for it.

By default, a member is allowed to have one ad. I just upgraded and paid around 4000 eaves to activate spreading influence #1 and #2 that allows 3 advertisements at a time.

For an advertisement to get 10,000 impressions, the usual fee is 2000 eaves which is not necessarily high either.

Decided to run 3 ads and will see how it will turn out. Look forward sharing the results soon.

Advertisements posted via Empire Avenue

Advertisements posted via Empire Avenue

Are you giving something back? Learnings from Empire Avenue “Mission” feature

In Empire Avenue on November 2, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Like many early Empire Avenue users who got access to the Mission feature, I immediately allotted eaves and send out tasks. One thing I became conscious of right away is to make my missions not entirely about me but more of a win-win benefit, or help others too, for those who joined.

This includes:

1. Asking EA users to join a contest. (get a chance to win)

2. Help a fellow blogger win a contest.

3. React to a video (where the subject is of interest to us).

4. Join a Flickr community (where interaction on one’s profile can increase should they actively participate).

In these instances, I know there are EA members who got the eaves but not exactly follow the mission as is. This makes me contemplate on three things:

1. Was the mission too self-serving?
Using the reward as somewhat a right to expect fulfillment doesn’t really sink down to me well. The least I want is to be assumed that my participation was bought rather than an incentive to even take the time to look at it – whether worth taking notice or not.

2. Was the mission fun or worthwhile?
Pointing users to a boring video and ask them to like it – is partly downgrading the EA audience. Just because they have time to buy shares and participate in missions, doesn’t make them cheap to perform a task.

Also, just because you wrote a great piece on a topic does not necessarily mean readers will leave a comment or tweet you. Because more often than not, after a while, readers will analyze beyond one’s writing.

These are thoughts that crossed my mind when I was reviewing the results of #2 and #3 mission.

3. How do I give back in return?

If a person joins, can I reciprocate beyond buying their stocks? Knowing that I can’t 100%, makes me realistic about it all the more.

This is what also prevents me from giving a +K mission on Klout. I am very tempted actually. But I resisted as I want each +K received, a reflection on one’s influence, be earned not “game”.

Participating in missions is all about building relationships. Asking a favor to take time to check out what you have to offer. It is like a focus group where those who click to view expresses intent. Those who completely perform step 2 of the mission are the ones that bought in.

It is not about “buying” the task. Because if it is all about that, then definitely the eaves being used to pay for it is way below what most EA participant players’ time is worth.

In summary, what I learned after 4 missions so far is the success or failure of a mission reflects on the sender, shareholder relationship, message, and task sent.

I still have a lot to improve.

63 in Leaderboard – share price

In Empire Avenue on October 28, 2011 at 12:42 am

My first time to see my Empire Avenue listing in the global 100 leaderboard (share price) where am currently ranked 63.

Janette Toral #63 in global share price at Empire Avenue

I must admit that increase in share price becomes more difficult lately. You go up and then you go down and then come back up again. Getting used to this now.

Janette Toral Empire Avenue Share Price - 7 days trend

Wonder how long will it take before I reach the top 10. (started playing with this site last August 1, 2011)

Need comments for your blog post?

In Empire Avenue on October 23, 2011 at 1:01 am

I made a shout-out earlier this morning in my social networks and Empire Avenue to help a fellow blogger receive comments in her blog post. Was happy to see the post got around 40 comments – mostly from my shareholders in Empire Avenue.

Mission letter to Shareholders to help Holly get blog comments.

I allotted a 500 eaves reward each to be given to 100 peers in Empire Avenue who are committing in fulfilling the mission – to leave a comment in Holly’s write-up about me. As of this writing, the rewards are already consumed. Am happy to see that around 40, out of 100, carried out the mission this time.

I only hope that Empire Avenue will allow some feedback system later on where you can tick, among those who completed the mission, as to which ones really did it. This way, those who claim a reward but don’t do the mission can be penalized and not be allowed to participate in future missions.

On another note, I think missions can only work well if what you are asking folks to do is easy to follow and has other possible benefit – more than just getting the Eaves and satisfying a personal agenda. This can include the possibility of winning in a contest or helping someone else.

I have seen other creative use of the mission feature that includes giving a +k in Klout. The usual ones will be liking a Facebook fan page, follow someone on Twitter, and related stuff.

8 out of 100 followed instruction in “Missions” feature – an Empire Avenue experiment

In Empire Avenue on October 20, 2011 at 3:27 pm

I sent my first stakeholder message in Empire Avenue earlier today to test the new “Mission” feature. This allows a member to incentive shareholders in performing a desired action.

I used this as an opportunity to promote my ongoing contest – “Reblog: Get a free slot in Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Program“. Interested participants needs to reblog the post in Tumblr with an answer on why they want to become a blog and social media entrepreneur.

Sent my first Mission and shareholder message to try out this feature. Out of the 100 who clicked on the link, 8 performed the "mission" given.

I gave 500 eaves to 100 shareholders who will click on the link provided. Once the 100 spots was fully availed, I checked my contest page to see the results. I noticed that only 8 heed the call of joining the said contest.

If getting inbound traffic is what one desires, then I guess that guaranteed traffic is more than welcome. In terms of following instructions given, that is another thing especially if it is a bit complicated.

Managing growth in Empire Avenue

In Empire Avenue on October 12, 2011 at 2:42 am

Running a hectic schedule this past two weeks made it not possible for me to spend as much time in the Empire Avenue forums.

This made me think on what to do with the daily earnings received from the system.

Then I read one discussion where the EmpireAvenue tool from SetSocial was suggested. It allows you to monitor your portfolio and shareholders – sort them according to desired parameters.

So this past week, I began looking at my shareholders, sorting them according to highest earnings and invest.

The good thing about it though is that I have seen and been interacting with them for quite awhile, directly or indirectly, where after the investment, appreciation is also given.

So yes, I am staying with the system for awhile for networking purposes which have been most valuable in my Flickrista Empire community.

My new goal is to reach the highest share price in the system. Let us see how long will that take to be attained.

Measuring Social Capital in SunStar

In Empire Avenue on October 5, 2011 at 12:51 pm

I talked about my Empire Avenue experience in my Sun.Star column today with focus on measuring social capital.

Am very glad that some of the community members took the effort of leaving a comment to join the conversation. Many thanks!

Flickr account finally active

In Empire Avenue, Internet on September 30, 2011 at 4:17 am

One of my biggest satisfaction to date in being part of Empire Avenue is I began connecting to people via Flickr. I have been a Flickr user for quite sometime now. Oftentimes, what frustrates me is the lack of interaction and responses there.

However, joining Empire Avenue where you are incentivized for having an active Flickr account, I now find myself more diligent in uploading my event coverage photos and promoting them. Connecting with folks in the network results to visits and surprisingly active in commenting.

Janette Toral Flickr Stats

Flickr stats improving as activity increase.

This prompted me return the favor and even share interesting stuff in my Tumblr account.

I made another attempt of creating a group in Flickr and name it as Flickrista Empire. Started with a share a guitar photo activity. Hopefully, some folks will take an interest to participate.

CEO of Empire Avenue Writing Index

In Empire Avenue on September 25, 2011 at 6:07 pm

I have been one of the many Vice President in the Writing Index of Empire Avenue for quite sometime now. For the past 48 hours, I saw how 2 community members there became President for a day.

Janette Toral is CEO of Writing Index in Empire Avenue

Janette Toral got the CEO of Writing Index status in Empire Avenue as of September 26, 2011

I said last September 8 that I will play Empire Avenue till I reach the CEO level. That just happened now. Did not became CFO or President first, I just zoomed to CEO.

However, seeing how competitive the Writing Index is, I won’t be surprised if this won’t last for 24 hours too.

But for now, let me just celebrate in this post for reaching this milestone and say that my game objective is accomplished.

If I will summarize what I have done in Empire Avenue, here’s what I can give.

  1. Invest in communities.
    Don’t just buy from anyone. There are a lot of folks in Empire Avenue who are just after dividends. Go for players who are out there to build relationships such as those who spend time having quality conversation in communities.
  2. Sell lowest earning shares when eaves are needed.
    There will be times when you need to sell shares so you can buy new ones. I will usually visit my portfolio and sort them according to earnings. I view the lowest ones and start selling those in that part that have not reciprocated or put my shares at an equal match to what they were able to invest in me. At the end of the day, prioritize in keeping the relationship.