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Flickr account finally active

In Empire Avenue, Internet on September 30, 2011 at 4:17 am

One of my biggest satisfaction to date in being part of Empire Avenue is I began connecting to people via Flickr. I have been a Flickr user for quite sometime now. Oftentimes, what frustrates me is the lack of interaction and responses there.

However, joining Empire Avenue where you are incentivized for having an active Flickr account, I now find myself more diligent in uploading my event coverage photos and promoting them. Connecting with folks in the network results to visits and surprisingly active in commenting.

Janette Toral Flickr Stats

Flickr stats improving as activity increase.

This prompted me return the favor and even share interesting stuff in my Tumblr account.

I made another attempt of creating a group in Flickr and name it as Flickrista Empire. Started with a share a guitar photo activity. Hopefully, some folks will take an interest to participate.


Social networks password security & Sun.Star reverts to old look

In Internet on January 15, 2009 at 4:05 pm

In my column today, I reminded readers about safeguarding their passwords as more and more sites on the Internet today encourages users to logon to their e-mail and other 3rd party services to extract information about their contacts.

I also noticed that the Sun.Star website reverted back to its old look and feel. I guess adjusting to the new one got a bit complicated as well. In my case, I find it a challenge to navigate through the archives and glad that the old one is back.

Will MixedInk click?

In Internet on January 12, 2009 at 8:32 am


Just heard about MixedInk earlier today. It functions like a wiki where people can start a topic, invite friends to contribute, and let people vote for the version they prefer as final material.

I think the site is promising as it pushes collaboration to a different level. It is also a bit intriguing and political as contributions will have to be voted upon. Such would require a lot of confidence from contributors to be able to participate effectively.

On the minus side, I wonder why would users be motivated to put their post in a 3rd party site like MixedInk if they already have a group blog or a pbwiki (and even monetize).

Of course, there are just initial observations and we’ll see how far this site will evolved.

(thanks Duncan Riley)